Skincare routine for men: 5 most common skincare mistakes men make So you don’t have to make them!

Men and their skincare routines haven’t been the best of friends. The skincare routine for men has been a fairly recent development actually, one that can be attributed to the last decade, at best. For the longest of times, men rarely had a skincare regimen and they didn’t bother looking out for one either. Then came the Meterosexuals who changed the game when it came to men looking after themselves. Next up was social media and suddenly, the not-so-fair sex was also interested in looking good and having smooth skin.
1. Neglecting the under-eye area

Moisturising the entire face is great, of course, but the under-eye area is extra sensitive and therefore, needs an extra amount of love. Most men end up not focusing on this area which is a rookie mistake – moisturising it with an under-eye serum/cream and occasionally using patches and masks should be part of the regimen.

2. Not cleansing their face properly

Firstly, thank god that men are now washing their faces twice a day, at least. But simply splashing water isn’t enough. We live in dusty, polluted times and have loads of wear and tear happening to our skin every day. Which is why not only is washing with a face wash necessary but so is using a good exfoliant. And a face mask, twice a week.

3. Using products that aren’t right for their skin type

While this shouldn’t be said, here we are! Identify your skin type and use products that are meant for it. People with dry skin can use heavier, oil-based serums and creams. Whereas people with oily skin should go for water and gel-based products.

4. Inconsistency

They’ll do it for a few days and then abruptly stop. Then, pick it up again a few days later. That’s not how skincare works, unfortunately. Like with all good things, the key is consistency. A simple, easy-to-do routine, done every day is how you ensure your skin is soft, shining, and supple every single time.

5. Scrubbing

What’s with men and scrubbing their faces like their life depends on it? Use a soft towel and pat dry. Don’t go all Jackson Pollock on your face because that’ll only ruin the canvas!

6. Skipping steps in their skincare routine

Even if you’re in a rush, there’s no excuse to miss or skip steps in your skincare routine. First comes the toner, then the serum and then the moisturiser. You layer it all with SPF and only then, should you walk out of your home.

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